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Woodstove Products and Installation

Don's Stove Shop is a leading dealer and installer of wood stoves in Maine. We are an authorized supplier and distributor of the leading brands of wood stoves from around the world.

Wood-burning stoves are efficient and cost-effective heating appliances. Innovations in modern technology have developed highly efficient wood stoves that can affordably heat medium and even large sized houses for hours at a time. Our wood stoves are selected for their efficiency as well as their quality of craftsmanship and, most importantly, user satisfaction.

Wood stoves can be installed into practically any home environment. A new wood stove can replace an old or unused wood stove, or can be adapted to fit an unused chimney. Many of today's modern wood stoves have small physical footprints while providing ultrahigh output efficiencies, allowing them to be installed in virtually any home location.

In addition to the benefits of practicality and efficiency that come with modern woodstoves, you will also enjoy the pleasing environment that comes with every wood-burning stove. The addition of a wood stove in your home brings warmth and comfort through the long Maine winter months. Many of all our woodstoves can be customized to fit the surrounding mood of the room in which they are installed. Choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and extras to match your home's interior to your liking.

Our Avalon Wood Stoves can optionally be installed with the Greenstart Wood Ignitor.

See below for a selection of woodstoves from all of our top-quality stove brands.

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