The two biggest dangers of chimneys that are not maintained are carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires which is why maintaining your chimney by a professional is more important than you may realize. Fact is, your chimney will wear out over time but the true condition and safety of your chimney is NOT what you see on the outside; it’s what the condition is on the inside.

Chimney damage in Maine can take place for a number of reasons including severe weather, settling foundations, chimney fires and deterioration. Whether you heat your home with oil, gas, wood or coal, over time each of these fuels can create combinations of condensation, acidic build up and creosote, all of which will deteriorate the clay flue tiles and mortar inside the chimney. The consequences of cracks formed by a chimney fire or deterioration, if left unattended, are deadly carbon monoxide gases escaping into your home or a second chimney fire that could engulf your home. Not having your chimney inspected poses a serious risk to the safety or your home and family.

A stainless steel liner is the safest most cost-effective solution to restore a damaged or compromised chimney interior back into a safe functioning and efficient venting system that will last for the life of your home. We only install liners that are built from the finest quality stainless steel and titanium alloy. These airtight watertight liners stand up to extreme heat and the acidic moisture that forms inside of your chimney while containing the gases to keep them from entering your home. Should a chimney fire ever occur in your wood-burning system, our liners will contain the deadly flames and greatly reduce the risk of the fire spreading into your home.

2 DUDES LINER INSTALL W HARNESSESChimney liners can prevent the buildup of creosote in your fire place and chimney flue. Creosote build up can lead to chimney fires, which can weaken your chimney and in worst cases set fire to your home. Many old chimneys were built without liners, and other chimneys which included liners have since been worn down and are in need of replacement. Chimney liners are also an effective way to resize chimneys for use with new heating appliances.

Stainless steel chimney liners can be either rigid or flexible, depending on the application. We use the highest quality stainless steel liners, certified by Underwriters Laboratories, in all of our chimneys. This ensures the highest quality application of liner into your chimney, whether it is for wood, pellet, or furnace heat.

If the furnace guy said you need a new liner, you are installing a new furnace, your local sweep said it needs to be relined or you haven’t had your chimney inspected the give us a call at (207)897-4200. We are your Maine Chimney Liner Pros and have been keeping Maine families safe and protecting homes for over 30 years. We will scan your chimney with a camera to identify any issues and give you our recommendations on which liner will best fit. Call us today at (207)897-4200 and talk with Don about your chimney concerns.

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