With over 30 years of experience in the chimney repairs and service industry, Don’s Stove Chimney & Stove can solve any chimney related problem that you have.

chimney-flashing-replacement-300x199We specialize in chimney repairs in both interior and exterior settings, from caps and crowns to flues and fire boxes. We also specialize in water sealing and flashing repairs to ensure that your chimney is completely weatherproof all year round.

If you have old flue tile that continues to give you trouble, we can remove the tile from your flu without affecting the integrity or performance of your chimney or fireplace. If you are in need of repairs to your hearth, we can help.

As with every part of your home, it is important to address the maintenance of your chimney and fireplace in a timely manner. Delaying repairs can lead to further problems and more costly chimney repairs later, while fixing the problems ensure safety and greater heating efficiency for your home. Call oremail us today to discuss your particular repair needs.