Fireplace Xtrordinair 564 HO GSR2

The 564 HO GS2 is a breakthrough fireplace offering you the choice of three different burners; the high performance Ember-Fyre burner, the entry level Dancing-Fyre burner, or the contemporary Diamond-Fyre burner.

This fireplace features 564 square inches of high quality, high temperature Neo-Ceramic Glass that comes standard with the 2015 ANSI-compliant invisible safety screen, increasing the overall safety of this unit for you and your family.

The 564 HO GS2 is sure to keep things warmed up year round with a heat output of 35,000 BTU’s and the ability to heat up to 1,400 square feet. The high efficiency fireplace offers a turndown ratio of up to 71% (NG) or 79% (LP). The fireplace also features close clearances to the mantle by incorporating “film cooling” technology. This allows for a more balanced look to the fireplace.

The 564 HO comes standard with the revolutionary GreenSmart® system, making it one of the most “green” fireplaces to own and operate.


Heating Capacity
Up to 1,400 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input
35,000 BTU’s / Hour
165 Lbs.
Burner System
Ember-Fyre™, Dancing-Fyre™, Diamond-Fyre™
67.2% (NG), 65.7% (LP)
Steady State Efficiency (High) *
Up to 78.1% (NG) 79.69% (LP)
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration EnerGuide Efficiency Rating
64% NG, 66% LP
Glass Area †
30″ W x 16-3/4″ H
† Will vary with face design
GreenSmart Remote
Comfort Control